GTV615 Meeting Video Download

As of January 2011 City Council Meeting videos will be available for download. Click on the video link just like you are going to watch the video online. The download link will be available above the video. You will be able to jump to any section of the video after you download the entire meeting into your computer.

  • You will need a video player that supports playing FLV (Flash) files. Most computers already have the Adobe Macromedia player installed. GOM lab makes a free feature rich video player, click HERE to go to their download page.

  • A typical 2 hour meeting video file can be as much as 350Mb. The amount of time to download such a large file depends on your internet connection speed. If you are using dialup it may take up to 14 hours to download. If you have a BrightHouse cable modem you can download the same file in less than 1 hour.

  • After you have saved the file on your computer just open it with the video player of your choice.



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